About the Club

CBCC Badge 2007

Cherry Burton Cricket Club (CBCC) is a thriving village cricket club based in the East Yorkshire village of Cherry Burton. The club has teams playing at the weekend and during the week, playing both league and friendly fixtures. Over the last twenty years the club has supported the development of young players; many former junior players are now established senior players.


Home games are played at Cherry Burton Sportsfield, a ground shared with other village sports clubs, including football, tennis and rounders. A large square provides a good number of pitches which support three or four matches played each week throughout the season. We will soon have two permanent nets available for all players at the ground.


Pre-season training starts almost as soon as the previous season ends, when in October a regular Monday night nets session takes place at a local, state of the art, sports facility a few miles from the village. CBCC holds social functions throughout the year, including the club’s annual awards night, as well as other fundraising nights and many other events.


Awards Evening

The club provides its members with cricket throughout the whole year!

'The Village Cricketer'

‘The Village Cricketer’

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